Practice Areas

The law firm of Tucker, Selden & Tucker, PLLC, is located in downtown Tunica, Mississippi. Tunica is the county seat of Tunica County, in which the first casino opened in 1992. In Tunica County, Mississippi, the agriculture and casino/hospitality industries operate alongside each other. Tucker, Selden & Tucker, PLLC, provides services in various fields.

Some areas of the law firm’s civil practice are: real estate law; commercial and residential development; zoning; premises liability, including dram shop and inadequate security litigation; automobile accidents, injuries and wrongful death, and truck litigation; business law; contracts; collections; and probate and estates.

The law firm’s personal injury practice includes the representation of plaintiffs, such as individuals seeking to recover damages from a car wreck or from an injury sustained while visiting a casino or other property; and the representation of defendants, such as business owners and operators who have been sued as a result of an accident occurring on their property. The law firm’s real property development practice includes the closing of residential and commercial transactions with the issuance of title insurance; the representation of local property owners; and the representation of venture capitalists seeking to obtain and develop Tunica County property. The law firm’s business law practice includes collections; the drafting of contracts and partnership agreements; and entity formation.

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